Which Liquid Packaging that You Really Like It?

The development of food industry makes all of merchants are more competing to be the best on in consumer’s choice. Much of advertising, branding, promotions are more unique and creative. One of the way to attract consumer is in product packaging looks, there are many rivals design their packaging as the best as they can in order to increase consumer’s interest. (liquid packing machine)

Why a good packaging can attract more consumer? Because an interesting product package is a media to describe your product to consumer. If the packaging isn’t attractive, consumer will not take their eyes on your product. Catching here is to make consumer curious with your product maybe caused by different concept of the product or unique packaging design or another reason. Then, how about liquid product such as cooking oil, liquid soap, lotion and many more? In Which Liquid Packing Machine that You Really Like It article, we will discuss that.

Various of Liquid Packaging

Firstly, We Should to Know About the Various of Liquid Packaging

Bottle package

Bottle packing is one of the familiar packaging to pack liquid example as cooking oil. Generally, bottle packaging is used to pack a large amount of liquid. With bottle packaging, cooking oil will not spill out because in the top of bottle packaging it’s covered by a bottle cap as we can plug in or not anytime.

Standing pouch pack

This packaging also usually to pack cooking oil beside bottle package or liquid soap. This packaging often to pack a medium size of liquid product. This packaging related to bottle package in product selling, because standing pouch normally as a refill pack of a large bottle package.

Pillow pack

Pillow pack todays are not a familiar to use, available but not a much for some supplier. This package is a basic packaging and simple, in food industry we usually said it a sachet packing. But, in this case a pillow pack will use to pack liquid so we must to be careful using pillow pack, because it has a risk to spilling out. We often see this pillow packing in liquid material is to pack cooking oil in small size or lotion in sachet packing.

That’s some kind of liquid packing a preview of bottle packaging, standing pouch pack, and pillow pack or sachet packing. So which are your favorite ? You should know the market interest that you want to sell it. Because different location certainly has a different habit of consumer, example in remote area they familiar with bottle package, in metropolitan city consumer likes to choose standing pouch pack, in other region are prefer pillow pack to others packaging.

With market mapping, you can set up your way in deciding which liquid package you want to use. In fact, product packaging is a main function of packing product. The rest is market interest.

That all of Which Liquid Packaging that You Really Like It? article, hope you enjoy it and helpful. If want to know more about liquid packing machine, powder packaging machine, or another automatic packing machine please contact us.

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