Snack Packaging Machine


Snack Packaging Machine is one of vertical automatic packing machine which use to pack snacks, crackers, or chips automatically and quickly. With snack packaging machine, small companies can make own brand as needed. Besides you can make your own brand, snack packing machine also can increase capacity of production depends on market demand.

Using snack packaging machine are to simplify packing process, make your product more hygiene, attract your commodities. There are many size of package starts from 250 gr, 500 gr, 1000 gr, or you can customize it. Package models are various such as pillow pack, stick pack, or pouch. Wrapping your product in proper way also give more durability of your product accompanied by fancy packing.

Specification :

  • Packing speed: 15 – 25 pack/min
  • Pack size: 170 x 260 mm
  • Pack capacity: Up to 100 gr (depends on product type will be packed)
  • Package material: AL+PE, OPP+PE, NY+PE and other paper material which can wrap with heat.
  • Dimension: 750 x 1000 x 2000 mm
  • Output: 1800 Watt
  • Weight: 350 kg

Operation Procedure :

  • Turn on snack packaging machine
  • Place the plastic roll correctly
  • Set pack temperature based on plastic type in order
  • Put your product in the snack packing machine funnel
  • Press the start button on the control panel to start the process
  • Next, your snacks will be packed automatically
  • Finished pack will be drop out into the right place
  • Stop the machine by pressing button on the control panel, if packaging process has been done

Advantages :

  1. Strong and heavy design
  2. Very easy to operation
  3. Snack packaging machine equipped control panel which is able to control any setup in machine working
  4. Adequate to pack snacks, crackers, potato chips, seeds, coffee beans, brewed tea, and many more.
  5. Able to pack in various model of packaging
  6. Can pack in any size of packaging 


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