The Right Way to Target the Community Segment by Presenting Packaged Sugar Sticks

In the packaging of stick sugar, entrepreneurs cannot be separated from machine manufacturers who sell stick sugar packaging machines. Because in the process of packing the sugar sticks themselves you have to use a sugar stick filling machine . Manual packaging makes it impossible to pack sugar into sticks.

Stick packaging itself is a designation for sugar packaging that looks like a stick or elongated shape. Usually the sugar content of this stick is not much, only around 10 grams. Where the function of making this sugar stick is to take one sip of the drink. (sugar stick filling machine)

Usually the use of sugar sticks such as in hotels, restaurants or cafes. Used for consumers who need additional sweetness in their drinks. Actually, not only stick packaging models were chosen, but there were also sachet packaging models.

Another form of choice for packaging stick sugar sachets

Where the shape and appearance is in the form of a box with a choice of packaging seals, namely center seal or three side seal. So indeed the choice of packaging form for packing sugar is different according to each one’s wishes.

Packaged sugar also varies, it doesn’t only have to be granulated sugar but can also be used to package other sugar products. Like ant sugar, and palm sugar. That way consumers will choose for themselves which type of sugar is in accordance with what is expected.

Packaging of sugar in the stick or sachet packaging model is no longer a public secret. What’s more, it’s not just sugar products that can be packaged, but other products can too. Such as coffee, creamer, powdered milk, and others.

Attractive packaging provides high appeal for consumers

Because all the characteristics of these products will be easily packed using an automatic packaging machine. The machine is believed to be capable of packing powder and granular products into sachets. Both small sachet sizes and large sachet sizes.

So if you plan to pack products with these characters, the easiest solution is to use this packaging machine. Because there are so many advantages or benefits when using this machine.

Starting from the capacity of the packaging results which of course can easily produce in large quantities, as well as the ease of the packaging process. Which does not require a lot of workers and is also easy to use even by ordinary people.

In addition, the packaging results obtained will be much more attractive because the shape of the resulting packaging is very good. This is helped by the results of sealing the packaging from the packing machine. Apart from being more attractive, a solid seal is also the key to maintaining product quality.

It’s right to choose a manufacturer that sells stick sugar packaging machines

So it is very appropriate to choose an automatic packaging machine from a manufacturer that sells this stick sugar packaging machine.
Because after all, packing sugar will be very – very helpful and easy to use this automatic packaging machine.

It can be said that it is almost impossible to pack it manually. Because of their small size and the resulting packaging results will not be very good if the packaging machine is not used properly.

It should be noted that the appearance of the packaging is also very important to get. So that consumers are also more interested in buying these products. A brief discussion of the packaging of sugar sticks that really needs to be considered by sugar business actors. In order to provide a choice of various forms of packaging sizes to the public.

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