Profitable Potato Chips Business by Optimizing Your Garden

We can say if potato chips business are prosper. Because chips with potato ingredient is one of favourite snack around the world. Crispy and tastyness of potato chips as the reason why this snack were famous in every people societies. Currently, almost in every region have a snack made by potato, especially in Asia. The huge market make this potato chips business are very promising. (Profitable Potato Chips Business)

Eventhough, there are many kind of branded potato chips in the market but the taste of every potato chips are had an own uniqueness and speciality of texture. Moreover, when it’s for sale into some stalls and small market in various region.

As example in our country especially in Dieng, Central Java. Much of people which as a potato chips entrepreneur can make a lot of profit. Potatoes are main commodity in Dieng moreover, Dieng’s potato were going international.

If you have a potatoes material, there is a business opportunity you can cultivate it into profitable business for potato chips industry in the future. You can optimize local potato farmers by buying potatoes from them. Besides none shipping cost in basic material, you can monitor a lot of worker and do a quality control perfectly.

Starting Potato Chips Business

Before you decide to focus on potato chips business you must know to create a special potato chips product with your own unique taste. Example with a different shape of potato chips such as flat, spiral, wavy or another. Then, a typical taste of potato chips, usually some potato chips products taste are in original taste, spicy, or BBQ taste.

After a product speciality, you should decide which ingredient you would like to use also considered about material pricing and production cost. Apart from choosing the best quality of potatoes, a seasoning would be a core value of potato chips product. You should calculate production cost such as how much cooking oil will be used, about spices, and how you pack it.

Potato Chips Recipe

Some snack venture surely have their own secret recipe for their commodities, but there is a basic recipe in making potato chips:

  1. Prepare 4 – 5 potatoes that has been peeled smoothly and cut tiny.
  2. Add a clove of chopped garlic and some salt into 2 glass of hot water
  3. Boil the potatoes for 20 – 30 minutes
  4. After done, dry fry potatoes in hot cooking oil at 150°C temperature.
  5. Add some seasoning as you want
  6. Drain it well. Your basic potato chips are ready to serve

Potato Chips Production Utilities

In potato chips industry, one of main thing is production tools. Need some kit to product potato chips in order to sell it into consumer. There are potato slicer machine, deep fryer to make your chips more crunchy, and packing machine.

Talk about how to packing it. Make sure which concept you will choose to your product then, create a unique design of packaging. There are many kind of packaging like pillow pack, jointed packaging, or pouch packaging. Packaging is a promotion device to introduce your product passively, so you should make it perfectly. A nice packaging can’t be made manually, it takes a lot of time, energy, and imprecisious size of pack. To help you packing potato chips or another snack fitly, now many snack packing machine are in sale. AM Pack Machinery was one of qualified automatic packing machine supplier and producer. We offer a high quality packing machine to support your industry and expand your market share. To know more about automatic packing machine, contact us below.

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