Identify Various of Flour that Mostly Used in Culinary Business

Kind of flour that used in culinary business are various actually. The usage of flour as food ingredient will be adjusted as it purpose. Flour as one of most ingredient wanted in every places. A lot of dish were made by flour as a main ingredient, it makes that flour is essential ingredient when cooking time. (Identify Various of Flour that Mostly Used)

A Kind of Flour

For culinary venture, select the high quality flour as they need for ingredient is a core. The reason is to make processed food ingredient can produce a tasty, tender, and delicious dish. A people needs of various kind of flour are always go up. Especially in culinary business, we often necessitate many kind of flour in a large amount. That thing certainly made flour business are one of great opportunity to take. But firstly, AM Pack Machinery will inform about many kinds of flour that mostly needed in the market. Read the review below. (Identify Various of Flour that Mostly Used)

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is most commonly use to cook or bake some dish. Made from wheat germ, this flour can be an ingredient of noodle, bakery, cookies, etc. Wheat flour are divided into 3 kinds, there are high protein, medium protein, and low protein wheat flour. High protein wheat flour contains highest gluten, while low protein wheat flour contains lowest gluten. The level of gluten takes a major effect in food texture were produced.

Tapioca Flour

Different from wheat flour, tapioca flour made from cassava. This flour usually be used as addition in making of crackers, chips, dumplings, etc. Tapioca flour also known as starch. Tapioca flour belong to gluten – free flour. Because this flour is gluten – free, so it will render a chewiness for wet food and give a crunchiness on dry food.

Sago Flour

Sago flour has a similar type with tapioca, both of them are starch flour. The different is sago flour made from sago tree. Sometimes sago flour used for the making of meatball, dumplings, and dim sum. Sago flour are a bit expensive than other flour. Because of that, some people prefer to choose tapioca flour or cornstarch to sago flour.


This flour made from corn. Different than other flour, usually used in bakery or cakery, cornstarch often be used as thickener. Moreover, cornstarch can be mix with wheat flour to make crunchy texture in fried food. This flour also a free – gluten flour so it’s kind for celiac disease sufferer.

Rice Flour

Rice flour made from pounded rice. Even not belong to starch, rice flour are a free – gluten flour. Usually be used to make traditional cake. This flour also be a main ingredient of vermicelli and fettucini. Moreover, in Vietnam rice flour often used as one ingredients of Banh Trang, Vietnam’s traditional spring roll skin.

Business Opportunity

In various kind of flour that needed, you can optimize it into profitable business. You can produce by yourself, make your own industry. Sell your product from traditional market, groceries store, and supermarket. You only prepare a proper technology to support your production process.

AM Pack Machinery provide any appropriate technology for your flour business. Such as flour maker machine into automatic flour packing machine. The usage of flour maker machine is important too in order to make high quality flour and can compete in market. Using a packaging for your flour product also will control your product quality, attract consumer, and increase consumer loyalty into your brand. AM Pack Machinery also supply flour packing machine.

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