Ground Coffee Packaging Machine Has Potential to Expand Regional Coffee Market

Efforts to expand the regional coffee market are by using ground coffee packaging machines, because the potential for the coffee market in Indonesia is still very wide. Therefore, being a coffee-producing area is a special privilege and pride for residents of a region.

Because there are not many places that can produce coffee. Coffee is a product that has penetrated various market lines, starting from local and foreign markets.

Coffee is not only enjoyed by the upper middle class, but also the lower class. It should be noted that the market share of a coffee is very broad, so it can be an opportunity for coffee-producing regions.

Introducing regional coffee itself is something that needs to be done. Don’t let the typical coffee of the area not be exposed to the wider community. It would be so embarrassing if that happened.

There are many benefits if local coffee can be exposed

There will be many benefits if a copy of an area can be exposed to the wider community. Because it makes coffee of a region can be a symbol of that area.
Some of the benefits include

  • Coffee producing areas will be known by the public
  • Increase the income of an area
  • Increasing the selling price of farmers’ coffee in the market
  • Opening community opportunities for coffee entrepreneurship

The above descriptions are some of the many advantages when coffee from an area can penetrate various markets. From the brief description above, we can see how important it is for regional coffee to be able to penetrate a broad market.

Talking about regional coffee, there are several regions that are known as coffee producers, namely coffee from the mainland of Sumatra and coffee from the mainland of Java. Apart from these areas, there are still many coffee-producing places from other regions that may be no less special. This means that regional coffee in Indonesia has many variants.

It’s a shame if this diverse coffee is not exposed to the wider community. So how do you make coffee products from regions that are known to the wider community? You can make the coffee as a souvenir or make the coffee into small sachets that can be accepted at various points of sale.

The breakthrough of ground coffee packaging machine makes coffee into sachet packaging

Making coffee into sachet products is one of the most interesting breakthroughs to compete with the sachet coffee market on the market. Because turning regional coffee into sachet-packed coffee will make regional coffee known to many people. Making coffee sachets is also not easy, a special machine is needed to make the packaging.

However, this is not a significant problem because now there is such a thing as a ground coffee packaging machine. The machine is capable of making coffee products into sachet packaging, the results of which are not inferior to coffee that has been circulating in the market so far. So, for now there are no significant obstacles for regional coffee producers to introduce coffee from their area to the wider community.

And for the needs of coffee sachet packaging machines, coffee producers must be observant in choosing these packaging machines. Selection of the machine can be of various kinds of considerations; starting from the condition of the machine (new or second) or (reconditioning or not reconditioning), from after-sales service to the machine, to the provision of a machine technician when the machine has a problem.

Incorrect selection of the machine will result in the production of coffee sachets being constrained. Manufacturers is the only manufacturer that provides all of that. For the needs of packaging machines, coffee sachet manufacturers can consult about the expected machine requirements.

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